Welcome to the new heritagehunt.org

A Bit of History
and a Look to the Future

This is the address (domain name) of the original Heritage Hunt website

  • Norm Happ registered the heritagehunt.org domain name in 2001
  • He developed and ran the original HH site until 2012
    • With little or no HOA help nor interference for 10+ years

In 2012, in a disagreement over HOA policy, Norm stepped aside

  • He took this domain with him
  • The HH HOA registered a new domain – heritagehunt.net
    • Norm refused to give them the rights to .org
  • The .org version lived on
    • It was used for Norm’s HH Technology User’s Club (TUC) site

The TUC ceased operation in November 2014

  • Norm transferred the domain to me
  • It will continue to be oriented toward HH residents’ interests
    • The exact site title and usage is TBD
    • Its present design, layout and content are a blank slate
    • Planned completion and launch – early 2015
    • Suggestions welcome – jeknepley@comcast.net or Reply below
  • The HH BOD “worried” that folks would think double-H was part of HH
    • This change to hertitagehunt.org might be a more legitimate worry
    • Too bad they’ve been so overreaching and disruptive
      • Together we could have (still can) done good for residents
      • Maybe the new BOD will see things differently

When complete, this site domain will become the successor to the residents’ HH site, double-H, which can be found here until then