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The plan for this website is to make it resource for Heritage Hunt residents. Please contact us with your ideas for things that would like to see on this website.

TurboTax Files

If you used TurboTax to do your taxes. It is a good idea to save to files to a CD and remove them from your computer. Particularly if you saved them in PDF format.
Those files include all of your information, including your SSN and bank account information if you used direct deposit or direct debit. (Posted: 22 April 2014)

AOL Hacks

AOL email accounts are being hacked. If you receive an email from an AOL account and it looks strange, do not open it.
If your AOL account is hacked, change your password. (Posted: 22 April 2014)

Heart Bleed Bug:

See link below. Also search Google for Heart Bleed Bug to keep up with the lastest developments.

Heart Bleed Bug Overview

Websites Affected

Technology News Page

Help with sending large files (Posted: 2 Mar 2014)

Computer Help Page

End of support for Windows XP (last update 2 Mar 2014)

Threats, Viruses, Scams, etc.

  • FTC Scam Alerts
  • Missed call from unknown number
  • Bogus support calls
  • Fake funeral notices
  • Hacked email accounts

e-mail: hhtuc@heritagehunt.org

Technology News

Check the Computer Help Link
Protecting your data
- Check out the new Everything Apple page
- April's Meeting Flier - File Management
Meeting Schedule Link
- Windows XP Support ends in April.
  • What does this mean to you?
  • What are your options
- Latest threats from the FTC.
See Threats, Viruses Link